Stephen Devlin and the other Leading Experts featured in this book will share with you the secrets for LIFETIME FINANCIAL SECURITY

Stephen Devlin is the cofounder and president of MacDev Financial Group Corp., located in Gibsons, British Columbia, and is the expert Bank On Yourself financial advisor. Stephen has adapted the concepts of Pamela Yellen’s business model to develop a simple and extremely effective money management system that leads to safeguarding finances and building wealth. Stephen is an agent and consultant for several major life insurance companies and is well-versed in the ways of business success.

Stephen is passionate about helping Canadian individuals, families and corporations become financially self-empowered by teaching them the key principles to creating long-term security and controlling their financial futures. The Bank On Yourself proven concept allows clients to benefit from increased cash flow, resulting in the ability to self- finance endeavors such as purchasing vehicles and real estate, opening a business or taking on whatever life goal requires funding. Stephen greatly enjoys coaching others and witnessing the results as businesses and families flourish under his guidance. Because of his own hard-earned wisdom gained through personal difficulties and life experiences, it brings him great joy to share the security that financial stability brings.

If you would like to see if Steven can assist you with your financial planning needs—so that you have the LIFETIME FINANCIAL SECURITY you want and desire—reach out to Stephen right away!

Email: Stephen Devlin.  |  Phone: (877) 534-7266

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